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Treat water more effectively, at a lower cost and while generating less pollution, without modifying your installation

For over 50 years, industrial and tertiary sectors have been required to treat their water using chemical biocides. However, the effects of these products are recognised to be incomplete, both for pathogenic bacteria - 99.5% of which are present in biofilms - and for free-living amoeba, which serve as a bacterial reservoir. In the absence of alternatives, industrial stake-holders and those responsible for water treatment have had to make do. In addition, these chemical biocides are known to be dangerous for humans and the environment, which makes it necessary to equip persons handling these products with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Today, Amoéba listed on the regulated market of Euronext Paris, is offering an alternative to industrial companies and water treatment agencies: the first and unique biopesticide for industrial water treatment, BIOMEBA.

BIOMEBA's active substance, Willaertia magna C2c Maky, is a microorganisms isolated from thermal waters in the French Alpes. It is biodegradable and does not release any toxic chemicals residues in blow down. 

In addition, BIOMEBA can help you to reduce costs, in particular by causing less damage to yours assests, and by limiting your carbon footprint by considerably reducing the supply chain.

Today, Amoéba's biopesticide is adapted for use in cooling towers (TP11). Its application does not require any modifications to your installation. Over 5 years of industrial testing have proven its efficacy, as shown in our clients testimonials. For more information, contact our sales team.