A cost saving solution

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Amoeba's biopesticide, BIOMEBA offers several advantages leading to considerably cost saving

No infrastructure wear or damage

The use of BIOMEBA has shown a reduction in corrosion by 90% and to increase the life-span of your assets by 12.5%.

Reduced water consumption

Using BIOMEBA is estimated to reduce your water consumption by 10%. The use of chemical biocides (chlorine, bromine, etc.) introduces additional salinity into the water circuit. The concentration in the circuit needs to be limited. BIOMEBA does not impact the water salinity, therefore it is possible to increase the concentration ratio of the cooling circuit, and so to optimise the water consumption.

Reduced area and safer product storage

Traditional chemical water treatments need to be used massively and frequently, making it necessary to provide storage areas in your industrial plants. BIOMEBA is used in much more reasonable quantities. In addition, dosing is performed by your water treatment company's technical staff. Thus, BIOMEBA reduces the size of the required storage area by up to 100%. Safe spaces or retention trays are no longer obligatory.

Reduced transportation costs and optimisation of the carbon footprint

Treatment of your water installation will be fully managed by your water treatment company, eliminating additional costs for purchase of biocides and their transport. With BIOMEBA, the lower volumes of biocide necessary to treat water circuits considerably reduce the amounts of product to be transported, making it possible to reduce supply volumes and related costs.

No need for safety equipment for your staff

No additional PPE worn compared to protection wear normally used for cooling tower maintenance operators.