Amoéba attracts the German market

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Lyon, Munich 2 December 2015 - Amoéba signs its 6th letter of intent with Aqua Concept and is now positioned on the German market, which is very sensitive to innovations touching on sustainable development. This letter of intent is the precursor to a definitive agreement relating to the distribution of Amoéba’s biocide by Aqua Concept for a 3-year period, provided that market authorisation (MA) is obtained, which could happen at the end of 2016.  Amoéba has thus surged ahead of its objectives for European commercial coverage, while also making inroads into creating a distribution network in North America. “This partnership with Amoéba meets the German industrial water treatment regulations fully. As soon as the solution becomes commercially available, our clients will be able to adopt this effective, biological, innovative solution in absolute harmony with the environmental constraints set out in the regulations.” indicates Dr. Andreas DETIG, CEO of Aqua Concept.  “Germany, as the top European industrial country holds great potential for Amoéba. This agreement with Aqua Concept will allow us to reach first-line industrial stakeholders. It completes the network covering the main European markets which will become active from the moment that market approval is awarded to our product.” declares Fabrice PLASSON, President of AMOEBA’s Board of Directors.

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