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1. A disruptive technology

  • INNOVATIVE: In a sector where the last innovation was made in 1974
  • BIOLOGICAL: An entirely natural technology
  • EFFECTIVE: A technology that eliminates bacterial risk from water
  • NOT LABELLED WITH HAZARD WARNINGS: A technology not representing any hazards for humans or the environment

2. A technology patented on the main worldwide markets

  • A technology tested in 10 companies, including ArcelorMittal and Häagen-Dazs, all of whom have validated the advantages of the biocide.
  • A substitute technology which is easy to use and economical

3. Commercialisation could start in 2016(1)

  • Commercialisation in France and in Europe to start from the first half of 2017, pending  market authorisation  and the required notifications have been made(1)
  • In industrial terms, a first production line has been operational since October 2016 in France. A second unit is planned for the end of 2017 in Europe and 2 further production lines could be operational during 2018 in Northern America, pending the necessary funds can be secured.
  • A distribution contract has already been signed for France and more than 10 Letters of Intent forfuture distribution agreements, have been signed in Europe, Brazil and USA.

4. Several sources

  • An initial payment upon signature of distribution agreements
  • A production margin linked to sales of product to distributors
  • Royalties on distributor sales

5. Significant potential for development

  • The worldwide chemical biocides market is estimated to be worth 21 bn€(2), our first target segment (air-cooled towers) is worth 1.7 bn€(3)
  • A favourable European regulatory environment: 2015 framework Directive on water

(1): Commercialisation of the solution in France will only be possible once market authorisation has been acquired, the process for which could be completed at the end of 2016; however, due to the absence of risks to humans and the environment, its commercialisation would be possible before that date, from the time of delivery of a temporary authorisation which could be awarded in the first half of 2016. In Europe, the solution can be commercialised in European Union states in which the definitive French authorisation has been published on the condition that the countries concerned do not oppose its commercialisation (see section 6.9.1 of the basic document).
(2): Sources  combined by Amoeba from water treatment agencies, Freedonia, Eurostat  and MarketsandMarkets
(3): Amoeba data combined from the following sources: DRIRE 2013, Eurostat, ARHIA 2013