A revolutionary biocide

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The only disruptive green biocide, effective against microbes, but non-toxic to other organisms or to the environment


Amoéba provides industry with the most powerful disruptive technology to eliminate microorganisms. We have a worldwide patent on a unique biocide demonstrating efficient antimicrobial activity, which is non-toxic to other organisms and presents no eco-toxicity (as demonstrated by official studies). Our biocide is based on the natural predator of water-borne pathogenic microorganisms, the amoeba  Willaertia magna C2c maky .

Our Green biocide (BIOMEBA) is considered to be a superior new breed. Its performance exceeds that of all chemical treatments in preventing legionella development. Our product has undergone an in-depth validation process including laboratory validations, tests in line with CDC guidelines relating to biofilms, and in realistic field conditions. In addition, it has been applied successfully in the field for 6 cumulated years, in collaboration with the French regulatory authorities, water treatment companies and end-users.

Amoéba’s patented innovative biological biocide is highly efficient against planktonic and sessile bacteria such as legionella*, pseudomonas*, listeria*, Aeromonas hydrophila, Klebsiella pneumoniae, E. coli, S taphylococcus aureus, etc.

In addition, it rapidly removes other amoebas such as Acanthamoeba*, Hartmannella* and Naegleria Fowleri*.

Through these effects, Amoéba delivers an outstandingly efficient biocide to the water treatment market in the form of the most harmless product ever seen in industrial applications.

* Patented application