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2016/12AMOEBA announces update of the regulatory calendar in the United States of America
2016/12AMOEBA extends its commercial cover with the signature of a new letter of intent with OXIDINE to distribute BIOMEBA in Spain
2016/12AMOEBA confirms the submission of its comments to the French regulatory authority
2016/11AMOEBA announces receipt of the first draft of the regulatory evaluation report
2016/10AMOEBA inaugurates its first industrial site in Lyon - Chassieu
2016/09AMOEBA obtains Marketing Authorisation for R&D purposes for 10 industrial sites in Spain
2016/09AMOEBA granted Marketing Authorisation for R&D for 10 industrial sites in Germany
2016/09Interim financial report 2016
2016/09A Letter of Intent signed with AQUA-SERV in the United States for the distribution of BIOMEBA in three New States
2016/09A new Letter of Intent signed with GREEN Chemicals in Brazil
2016/07Extension to AMOEBA's portfolio of patents in Japan and Europe
2016/07Half-year review of the liquidity contract on 30 June 2016
2016/06Descriptif du programme de rachat d'actions  - Assemblée Générale du 22 juin 2016 (In French only)
2016/06Update to provisional MA schedule
2016/06Availability of preparatory documents for the annual General Meeting on 22nd June 2016
2016/06Information relating to the number of shares and voting rights following a capital increase
2016/05AMOEBA raises EUR 14,693,805 million from European and US investors
2016/0529 April 2016: Monitoring council nominates Mrs Gaëtane Suzenet as new independent member
2016/04AMOEBA announces publication of its registration document for the 2015 period
2016/04AMOEBA obtains market approval for R&D purposes for 10 industrial sites each in Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands
2016/04AMOEBA extends protection of its technology to Russia and the USA
2016/04AMOEBA announces its participation in the EUROPEAN SMALLCAP EVENT on 11 and 12 April 2016 in Paris
2016/03Full-year 2015 results online with the development plan
2016/03First launch planned on the Turkish market. signature of a letter of intent with GREEN Chemicals
2016/02AMOEBA to gain access to the European market as soon as its solution is validated by ANSES
2016/02AMOEBA extends its portfolio of patents in Europe and in the United States
2016/02Financial communications calendar 2016
2016/01AMOEBA extends its commercial coverage to Poland
2016/01Half-year review of the liquidity contract