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Meet Willy 

"Hi, my name is Willy.

I'm an amoeba and I live in water. My favourite thing to do is to catch mean bacteria, like Legionella, Klebsiella or Chlamydia. Sometimes they try to hide in other amoeba, who are not as nice as me, but this trick doesn't work with me, since I also know how to hunt other amoeba. Although I like to eat both bacteria and amoeba, my all-time favourite food is probably biofilm. It's really delicious since it's so full of microorgansims. Well, you will have gathered that when I am wandering around in the water, I clean it up, I get rid of all those little bad guys, which otherwise tend to grow and grow.

Oh yes, I mustn't forget: I'm a NATURAL biocide, and I am completely safe for the environment :-)

Do you want to find out more about me? Click here"

Willy was born in 2012, when a short animated film was created to describe the main characteristics of Amoéba's Biocide. Willy - the main character - has to eliminate Man's super-enemies: pathogenic bacteria, the amoeba that harbour them and the biofilms that they use to hide in. Despite his extensive efficacy, Willy is a kind and benevolent amoeba, contrasting with the "cold" and unintelligent robots representing chemical biocides. Willy was born of a collaboration between Amoéba and the creative team composed of Aleksandra Bogdanovic-Guillon and Print&Screen Studio. He is a good image of Amoéba's approach. Since he was first launched, in the wider world he has always triggered the same reaction: a smile.