Impact for society

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Promoting sustainable development through sustainable development

Amoéba is privileged to manage a project with a potentially high ecological and social impact.
Our ambition, first expressed by our founder and President, Fabrice PLASSON, was to provide the water treatment market with a truly green alternative to chemical biocides. This wager has been won, as shown by the recent success of our introduction to the stock exchange market of Euronext, Paris.

Amoéba's Green biocide/BIOMEBA is a natural amoeba, treating 100% of the bacterial risk, while presenting no toxicity for humans, nor for the environment. Thus, after decades of, albeit necessary, polluting water treatments using chemical biocides, Amoéba offers water consuming companies the option to use a responsible alternative.

Using this product has several advantages for the environment and the company:

-        10%  reduction in the amount of water consumed
-        100% reduction in risks for workers
-        12.5% less wear on adiabatic cooling towers (ACT).

But we believed that we had to go even further. Thus, the supply process for our biocide has also been designed to have as little environmental impact as possible, with reduced volumes of biocide, applications as widely spaced as possible, and transportation relying on low-emission vehicles. By choosing  the Green Biocide by Amoéba, industrials contribute to the improvement of their carbon footprint.

A company with strong human values

Amoéba is devoted to sustainable development, and from its inception wished to include the related tenets in its own foundations.
" We are convinced that the company's success relies on taking its personnel into account, and working with their strengths.These values are key to Amoéba's strategy.I want this to be a company where people are happy to work. " says Fabrice PLASSON.

A sustainable and long-lived company

The continued success of the company relies on our capacity to develop our activities, while also respecting the environment and our workers.
Amoéba was operational in only a few years, with an appropriately developed and validated product. We are currently pursuing an ambitious international development strategy, which is beginning to take off.

« The success of the introduction of the company to the stock exchange market of Euronext, Paris, allows Amoéba to implement its industrial and commercial development strategy on the already identified markets in Europe and Northern America. »  states Fabrice PLASSON.