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A visionary start-up commercializing the only biocide without human or environmental toxicity

Based in Lyon, France, Amoéba, listed on Euronext, Paris, develops and will commercialize the Green Biocide/BIOMEBA.

Today, Green Biocide/BIOMEBA is the only truly green biocide. It harnesses the biocidal properties of Willaertia magna and to date has been used to treat 14 cooling towers (TP11) with outstanding results. We are currently seeking authorisation to expand commercialisation of this product on two continents.

In parallel, we are continuing to develop the very promising pipeline of applications for Willaertia magna.

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Rapid take-off since 2010, based on solid scientific and IP foundations

Willaertia magna C2c.maky, a natural water-borne amoeba was discovered in the natural hot spring water at Aix les Bains by reserchers from Claude Bernard University, Lyon (CBUL). This amoeba was found to be a potent phagocytic predator against pathogenic bacteria known to thrive in industrial water environments, such as Legionella, Listeria and Pseudomonas .

Amoeba was created in 2010 and acquired an exclusive license from CBUL to use the patented Willaertia magna technology. Under the guidance of its experienced President and co-founder, Fabrice PLASSON, Amoéba quickly built up a very  capable industrial biotechnology team. Led by Amoéba's co-founder, Jacques BODENNEC , this team developed Willaertia magna into a powerful, cost effective, biological biocide product, offering unparalleled industrial water treatment potential.

Our Green biocide/BIOMEBA has undergone rigorous scientific assessment, with a demanding validation process including field tests with renowned industrial partners. It also successfully completed all the required regulatory toxicological and eco-toxicological tests. Amoéba achieved the goal of completing this whole process in a remarkably short period of time-frame.

Key financial steps

Since July 2015 Amoéba has been listed on the Euronext, Paris stock exchange. This successful IPO allowed the company to raise 13,2 M€. In the first years of its existence, Amoéba raised €1.4 million in seed equity investment. Then it went on to obtain €3 million in development capital to develop its product supply and commercialization infrastructure.

Today, Amoéba's investors include prestigious partners – Eurekap!, Auriga Partners, SIPAREX group, Rhône-Alpes création, CM-CIC, Evolem team – and the President of Amoéba's Advisory Board, Pascal REBER.

Today: Amoeba is getting ready for commercialization, expanding production and growing the team

Amoeba currently employs 40 people in Chassieu, France and 6 in Montreal in Canada. The company continues its growth in recruiting qualified personnel.

The Lyon-Chassieu site covers 2 700m²  of which 1 800m² are devoted to production. Our BSL2 laboratory space comprises dedicated facilities for research, microbiology and microbial analysis. The production line is 100% operational to serve a significant part of the European market.

Amoeba positions itself as an innovative company involved in developing sustainable solutions. Amoeba has recently installed a unique Domestic Hot Water (DHW) pilot, designed and created by experts. This pilot will be used to simulate water treatment for all types of domestic heating systems (steel, copper, multilayer, PVC) and modes of operation (instantaneous heater or semi-instant) used in hospitals, hotels, swimming pools, and public buildings around the world.

Located in a highly skilled and stimulating environment: Lyon

Amoéba is located in Chassieu, near Lyon, France. Lyon, with its strong ethos in the fields of biotechnology, chemistry and the environment, gives us access to a highly skilled labor pool to support our expansion plans.

Lyon is home to the Lyonbiopôle global center of excellence, whose contributors include major companies, such as Mérial, Biomérieux, Sanofi Pasteur and Becton Dickinson. Lyon also hosts the Axelera chemical and environmental competitiveness cluster, launched by Rhodia (Solvay Group), Arkema, the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), the French Institute of Petroleum (IFP) and GDF Suez.

Finally, the region greatly benefits from targeted Federal and Regional funding, and the French corporate tax system helps promote businesses strongly focused on research and development.