Novochem signs a distribution agreement

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Lyon, Houten, May 15th 2017 – Amoéba announced today that it has signed a distribution agreement for its BIOMEBA product with NOVOCHEM Water Treatment.

The collaboration between NOVOCHEM and AMOEBA started in 2015 with the signature of a Letter of Intention (LOI) for the distribution of BIOMEBA in Benelux. In 2016, a first industrial field test was deployed in the Netherlands with a client of NOVOCHEM in the tertiary sector. This successful test, still running after ten months, has confirmed the effectiveness of BIOMEBA. As a result, NOVOCHEM will start a second industrial field test in May in the heavy industry sector. 

With the signature of this distribution agreement, prior marketing authorization, NOVOCHEM demonstrates its trust in the pursuit of the regulatory process and in the effectiveness of BIOMEBA. 

« The industrial field tests conducted have proven BIOMEBA product’s effectiveness. We believe in this innovative technology and today, we want to be able to offer this biological alternative for chemical biocides to our industrials clients. » says Robin WITTE, Director of NOVOCHEM Water Treatment.

 « I would like to thank NOVOCHEM for the quality of their teams and their professionalism which are key elements of this success. As a result, we are very proud of this first transformation of a LOI into a contractual agreement. This signature demonstrates a true commitment between AMOEBA and NOVOCHEM for the commercialization of BIOMEBA in Benelux. » states Fabrice PLASSON, President of AMOEBA’s Board of Directors.

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