Two more patents for Amoéba

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Chassieu, 25 February 2016 - AMOEBA has just been granted two new patents which will allow it to develop new applications for its biological biocide. The first patent, granted for the European market, claims a biocidal action for AMOEBA’s solution against the pathogenic bacteria Pseudomonas, primary agent responsible for nosocomial infections in healthcare institutions; it applies to the Domestic Hot Water (DHW) sector. The second patent, granted in the United States, states that AMOEBA’s product has a biocidal activity against the pathogenic bacteria Listeria, which is often implicated in incidents of food poisoning. The product can be applied to treat the water sources used to clean equipment and material in the food and agriculture industry.

The start of tests, which could lead to the use of Amoeba‘s biocide in these two applications, requires the development of pilots mimicking the future use conditions for the product in industry. AMOEBA has equipped itself with a DHW pilot, simulating water treatment in the industrial application conditions. “The extension of our portfolio of patents in the European and American markets allows us to initiate the R&D phases, which we will rapidly follow-up by industrial tests in these strongly growing market sectors.” comments Fabrice PLASSON, President of AMOEBA’s Board of Directors.


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