Second distributor in the USA

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Lyon, Fontana, 6 September 2016 - Amoeba has announced today that it signed a Letter of Intent (LOI), dated 14 July 2016, with AQUA-SERV, its distributor. This five-year agreement with one-year exclusive rights opens up 3 new North American states to Amoeba: California, Nevada, Arizona. This new LOI follows the one signed one year ago with Earthwise Environmental for the distribution of Amoeba’s product in 5 states (Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Texas and Oklahoma). The second agreement signed in the territory of the United States demonstrates the effectiveness of Amoeba’s business strategy.

This new agreement allows us to attain a firm foothold in one of the most dynamic states of the United States in the field of environmental protection. California is home to the highest concentration of innovative companies attuned to the latest trends in ecology. Our solution is already popular with many companies who are looking for an ecological alternative when it comes to industrial water treatment.” indicates Fabrice Plasson, President of AMOEBA’s Board of Directors.

“ Environmental consciousness continues to grow within the commercial and industrial markets of the Western United States, just the same as the demand for innovative, forward thinking technologies and strategies to meet those expectations.  We believe that our partnership with AMOEBA is perfectly in line with our company’s mission, and is an excellent opportunity to respond to the needs and requirements of our markets. The benefits to all our customers and partners will undoubtedly be limitless.” declares Chris Long, AQUA -SERV CEO.


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