Fabrice Plasson elected to WssTP

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Fabrice Plasson, CEO of Amoéba, was elected at the new board of the WssTP’s, for the period 2017-2019. He’ll be representing College D: Suppliers & SME’s.  The election took place during the WssTP Annual general meeting held during the Water Innovation Europe 2017 conference on 14th June 2017. WssTP is the Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform, initiated by the European Commission in 2004 for Research and Technology Development in the water industry.

WssTP board of directors is the WssTP’s deliberative and decision-making body, with representatives from all five WssTP's membership colleges. The priorities of the new Board will include the implementation and delivery of the WssTP strategy and Water Vision, as well the implemention of the new WssTP new Cluster and Working Group structure. The board will also contribute to putting in place the new Innovation and Investor Programme.


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