Europe: 3 countries open to tests

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Chassieu, 26 April 2016 - After having obtained market approval for research and development purposes in France in 2014 and in Canada in 2015, today Amoéba obtained market approval for R&D purposes for Belgium and Italy, and an extension to its approval in the Netherlands. Thanks to these approvals, Amoéba will perform industrial tests on around 30 sites in these 3 countries, thus consolidating its presence in Europe. These tests will be complementary to those performed on several sites in France, such as Häagen-Dazs, ArcelorMittal or Dalkia, where AMOEBA’s biocide has been used experimentally for a number of years. “The extension of our tests to several European countries is a full-scale preparation for our distributers and our logistics network before temporary MA is obtained.” underlines Fabrice PLASSON, President of Amoéba’s Board of Directors.


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