Amoeba integrates SRD Long-only

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Bourse SRD long seulement

Lyon, 14 December 2015  - Amoéba announced today that its shares will be eligible for the Deferred Settlement Serivce (SRD), on the “long-only” segment, from 29 December 2015.  This reclassification is part of an update by Euronext Paris of the stocks achieving a minimal volume of transactions of 100,000 euro per day. 3,733,610 shares have been traded since Amoéba’s initial public offering on 10 July 2015, with an average daily transaction volume of around 725,570 euro in capital. On this occasion, Fabrice PLASSON, President of AMOEBA’s Board of Directors declared: “The admission of Amoéba’s shares to the long-only SRD will contribute to increasing the volumes of daily trading and the liquidity of its shares. It will also make it more attractive to an even broader base of investors”. See the press release: AMOEBA eligible for inclusion in the Long-only deferred settlement service

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