Amoéba attracts great interest

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Lyon, 16 September 2016 - Amoéba was present for the second year running at the conference and exhibition organised by the Association of Water Technologies (AWT) from 7 to 10 September in San Diego, California.

Colin Frayne, a leading American expert on legionella and water treatment, presented BIOMEBA, Amoéba’s product, to an audience of 350 during his conference “Cooling Water* Biofilms: Cause-and-Effect Problems, Conventional Treatments, and Practical Experience with a Natural Treatment.”

Based on this presentation, Amoéba’s product was perceived as a major technological breakthrough for water treatment in air-cooled towers.

Although Amoéba had attracted much curiosity during the 2015 meeting, Colin Frayne’s presentation at AWT 2016 generated interest from more than 10 American companies with access to regional and national markets; all of these companies would like to become part of Amoéba’s distribution network.

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