A 5th distributor in the starting blocks

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Lyon, Rome 25 November 2015 - Amoéba has signed a new letter of intent with DREWO, a key stakeholder in industrial water analysis and treatment on the Italian market. This letter of intent is the precursor to a definitive agreement relating to the distribution of Amoéba’s product by DREWO for a 3-year period, provided that market authorisation (MA) is obtained, which could happen at the end of 2016. Drewo is the 5th distributor to have been hooked by the potential of Amoéba’s biological biocide, with interest extending beyond Europe to reach North-America. “AMOEBA’ssolution constitutes the only biological alternative today for companies who wish to use an effective product to treat their water. Through this partnership, we want to be able to offer tomorrow’s Italian market the only natural biocide in the world capable of controlling waterborne bacterial risk in water cooling systems.” indicates Ernesto LATINI, CEO of DREWO. “With its dense, high quality industrial network, Italy represents a first-line target territory for AMOEBA.The signature of this letter of intent with DREWO will allow us to distribute our solution in Italy as soon as market approval is granted.” declares Fabrice PLASSON, President of AMOEBA’s Board of Directors.


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